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About Market One

We create interactive virtual reality stores for all businesses.


Corporate-level brands are paving the way for immersive e-commerce experiences, and smaller merchants also want to enter the space. Our platform will enable merchants to create VR stores accessed from mobile, desktop, and VR headsets from an easy-to-use builder with no code skills and for a fraction of the cost. 

Our vision

Our vision is to bring real-life shopping experiences to an online world.

We are creating solutions to allow e-commerce and retail brands to offer immersive and shoppable experiences for their customers.


We believe that with the upcoming digital native generation on the horizon, Metaverse will be another angle brands need to conquer, and we strive to help them do so.

Digital or physical? Both.​

They create movies. We make it possible. 

We will bring a true phygital experience so you can feel like Parzival from Ready Player One (2018), directed by Steven Spielberg.

Our products

Fully interactive and immersive VR stores. 

Low costs and no code skills required. Compatible with VR headsets, desktops & mobile devices.


We are a community-driven project, and we emphasize fostering these relationships. Whether you are our user, customer, partner, potential employee, or technology enthusiast, we have a place for you, and we want to welcome you into our family.

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